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Father’s Day.

It’s 2:15 in the morning and I can’t sleep. It’s officially Father’s Day. The first Father’s Day of my life without my dad here. Everyone’s going to be posting pictures of with their dads on twitter and instagram about how they have the best dad in the world. They’ll all be going out with their families and celebrating the day. And I’ll be at home, crying my eyes out, and mourning the loss of my father. 

I don’t know how else to let my feelings out about today without talking to my dad. So that’s what this blog is. A letter to my dad, with all the things I wish I could say to him right now. 

Dear daddy,

Happy Father’s Day. I just wanna start off with telling you that I miss you. There are no words to express just how much. But I’m sure you know how hard the past 8 months have been for me. I know you’re pain free up there but I can’t stop wishing you were still here with us. It’s our first Father’s Day without you and I can already feel my heart hurting. Every year, we would wake up and go to church with you. Then we would go to your favorite restaurant, come home and talk to you about anything and everything until you were too tired to stay downstairs. Last years Father’s Day sucked cause the Warriors lost in the finals. Haha you were not happy. The year before that sucked too. You were coughing a lot. You weren’t feeling good at all. I wrote you a Father’s Day card and I told you “I know you haven’t been feeling well lately but I know you’re going to get through this like you get through everything. God will heal whatever is going on. I’m always praying for you.” Two weeks later, we found out about your cancer. I’ll never forget that day. We all came home from wherever we were. We all had a long cry with you. And I remember you apologized to us. You were the one who was sick and you apologized that this was happening. I don’t know why. None of this was your fault. You didn’t deserve to go through any of this. After we were all cried out, we ordered pizza and drank Hennessy with you, because that’s what you wanted. Haha you were always so positive, even in the worst moments. You were always smiling and laughing, even after receiving the most horrible news. I miss that. I try to stay positive like you, but it’s hard without you here. 

I was watching the wedding video two weeks ago and I listened to your speech. You talked about how you would come home from a long day at work, so tired and stressed. But when you walked through the door, I would scream because I was so excited that you were back. You were my best friend. I couldn’t sleep without you back then and it’s even harder to sleep these days, knowing I’m going to wake up and you still won’t be here. 

I always wonder about what you’re doing. When it rains, I wonder if the angels you’re surrounded by are crying. When the Warriors won, I wondered if you were cheering and screaming “WARRRRIORS” like you used too. I wonder if you talk to your parents a lot, especially your mom. You loved her so much. I wonder if you and your dad are close. I wonder if you see the loved ones you lost before, like your siblings and Pastor Jerry. And I wonder if you miss me, like I miss you. 

I’ve had to spend Thanksgiving without you. Christmas without you. New Years without you. My birthday without you. But this holiday is all about you daddy. I’d do anything to have to back here. Thank you for being the best father a girl can have. Thank you for always reminding me how much you love me and how special I was. Thank you for raising me right and teaching me how to be a good person. Thank you for working so hard to give us this amazing life. I was so blessed to have you as my dad. 

Happy Father’s Day daddy. I love you so so so much. I miss you everyday. Visit me in my dreams tonight. ❤️ 

Love always,


I don’t know what kind of blog this is. But I just need to vent I guess. 

I’m moving out of the house that I’ve lived in for 13 years and it’s getting harder everyday. Seeing the empty rooms, all the changes we’ve made to the house.. it’s hitting me really hard. 

I miss my dad more than ever. I keep thinking about how everything has changed since he’s been gone. I walk into his old room and I remember him laying down on the bed, watching sports highlights or the Big Bang Theory. I can still hear his laugh in my head. I remember coming home past midnight, listening for his snores to make sure I could go upstairs without getting yelled at for coming home late. I stand in that empty room and just cry. His bed is gone, his clothes are gone. It’s been 7 months and I still can’t believe he’s gone. 

Our house is getting sold within the next month and I feel completely lost. This place doesn’t feel like my home anymore. I’ll be downstairs and catch myself saying “I wanna go home”. The vibes are different and I hate it. But ever since my dad passed, my whole life hasn’t been the same. I’m even going on different vacations just so I don’t have to be here. And so I don’t have to be alone. I’m going to Hawaii, camping, SoCal with my friends. Usually, I would stay home and relax but like I said, this doesn’t feel like my home. I need to get out and distract myself so that’s what I’m doing. I don’t want to go out so much, but I have to if I want to stay sane. Distracting myself from the reality. 

My mom has been in the Philippines for the past week and I’m dying without her. She’s the only parent I have left so its weird when she’s gone. I love that woman so much. I’ve even decided to pack up my life here to move to Sacramento with her. I don’t want too. I’m not happy about it at all. If I had the choice, I would stay here with my family, my husband, my best friend, my squad and my niece. But my dad taught me that you have to sacrifice for the people you love. And that’s what I’m doing. My 3 sisters all refuse to go which is okay. I’ve learned that everyone has different hearts and priorities. Family has always been the most important thing in my life, just like my parents. My dad wouldn’t want my mom to be alone. After he passed, I told her I wouldn’t ever leave her and I plan on keeping that promise. I can’t imagine the pain my mom is going through. I’ve been depressed since I found out my dad was sick. And since he’s been gone, it’s gotten worse. That guy was the love of her life. Her whole life was revolved around him. Taking care of him, making him happy. He was her best friend. If I lost my best friend, I would be a complete wreck. The pain I’m feeling is probably 13729 times worse for her. So I’m going to be there for her, through it all, even if it sucks. 

I guess I’m going through it again. I’m realizing I’m stressing, mostly because I have no control over my life. I’m trying really hard to make everyone around me happy. And it’s draining me emotionally. But it’ll get better. Maybe when my mom comes home or when I’m in Hawaii, not dealing with all this bullshit. Now I’m gonna try to sleep all my problems away and hopefully get a visit from my dad in my dreams. 


Since the last time I wrote, I’m doing a lot better. My depression isn’t so bad these days. I felt more happy in the past two weeks, probably because I finally saw my friends who I haven’t seen since the end of December. 

I can’t begin to explain how important friendships are. A lot of people say to keep your circle small, which is exactly what I do. But I am so blessed to have 13 of the sweetest, funniest, most caring people you’ll ever meet. 

They’re the friends who will know your sad and send you long texts to let you know that they’ll be there for you whenever you need. They’re the friends that are there for the good times, and especially the bad. They’re the friends that will be down to do anything and even be down to do nothing, as long as we’re all together. 

In October when my father passed away, my friends showed up to both memorials, with no invitation whatsoever. I didn’t tell them, my sister didn’t tell them, they just showed up. They didn’t even know my dad, but they came and supported us during our hardest time. 

It’s kind of a beautiful thing, strangers meeting and clicking instantly to form a bond that can’t be broken. These people have become more like a family to me. We’ve done some pretty fun things together. Concerts, vacations away from home, sleepovers, countless parties. And we support each other through everything. Basketball games, new jobs, better opportunities, we are always cheering each other on. 

I haven’t been able to see them as much as I like because of the depression. And because a certain someone is crazy and doesn’t like when I go out. But being with my friends makes me happy. Some people don’t have a good ass group of friends like me, so they don’t understand. They don’t understand the need and want to be around people who care and love you, who make you laugh and smile. Who are just genuinely good people, who are positive about everything in life. I’m blessed to have these friends. Random appreciation post for my squad. ❤️